Digital Comic File Types

All of our comics are available in JPG, PDF, or CBR format. If you don’t know which to download, or there is a format you aren’t familiar with, well please read on!

File Types:

A JPG (also known as JPEG) is a basic compressed image file. Our JPG downloads come as a zip file containing all the images for the comic in a numbered order.

This version is best viewed on a computer using Windows Photo Viewer on Windows or Preview on Mac.

A PDF is a simple single file that contains all of the comic book pages. This version can be easily read on a computer, phone, or tablet using a PDF reader. If you wish to get away from a screen, these can even be easily printed!

We recommend Adobe Reader on Windows or Mac, or using a PDF viewer app on a phone or tablet .

If you plan to regularly read comics on your phone or tablet, this is the way to go! A CBR is a compressed packaged version of all the pages to be read with a comic book reader app.

We recommend “Astonishing Comic Reader” for Android or “SimpleComic” for iPhone.

Single Page Layouts/Two Page Spreads:

Both the JPG and PDF versions are available as single-page layouts or as two-page spreads. Two page spreads allow you to read the file as if it was an open comic book with two pages! We recommended this because the art or overall composition is sometimes spread over two pages!

Single Page Layout:

Two Page Spreads:

Test Downloads:

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